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Golden Avenue Hero Illustration Website

A small and focused design studio from West Sussex. Creating original and professional design to ensure whatever you envision is looking its best. We're passionate about aesthetics with a keen eye for detail.

Dedicated duo creating meaningful and effective design and illustration

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We cover a wide range of design and illustration disciplines

We do everything visual with a purpose, with a guaranteed quality. Appearances are important and we welcome your challenge.



Visual Identity

- Logos

- Business Cards

- Social Media visuals

- Website Design

- Promotional Material 

- Branding

- Typography

- Colour palette

- Icons

- Clothing Imagery

Digital & Print

- Posters

- Leaflets

- Packaging

- Social Media Adverts

- Flyers

- Brochures

- Book Jackets


- All types of artwork

- Vector

- Pencil

- Coloured Pencil

- Digital painting

- Patterns

- Realistic

- Tattoo

We welcome your requests and are happy to accept any communication with an email or phone-call to discuss your idea.

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