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Tupac Shakur


Music & Media





Digital Painting

Vector Art

2Pac Vinyl Box Set

Briefed to create a limited edition vinyl box-set for artist: Tupac Shakur's discography, inside features 5 records with new secondary sleeve designs, an album booklet design with exclusive artwork and a bandana. 

Packaging, book layout, illustration & design

Box Design Mockup.jpg
Top View Box Design Mockup.jpg
Front Top View Box Design Mockup.jpg
Side Box Design Mockup.jpg
Back Box Design Mockup.jpg

Booklet Design

01 2Palypse Now Mockup Flat Lay.jpg
04 All Eyez On Me Mockup Flat Lay.jpg

Sleeve Design

01 2Pacalypse Now Marble Coloured Vinyl
04 All Eyez On Me Gold Marble Coloured V

Bandana Design

Bandana Design Mockup.jpg
Bandana Packaging Design Mockup.jpg
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